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Teresa White LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

After spending 17 years as a SpED teacher, 22 years as an LPC, and 30 years as a military spouse, we moved to where we have ALWAYS loved—a farm in the Ozarks. I enjoy a variety of activities, from sewing and gardening to riding my electric bike or ATV. Farm life suits me quite well. The loves of my life are my husband of 40 years, my children, a new grandbaby, and all my furbabies on the farm.

Choosing me as your licensed professional counselor means embarking on a therapeutic journey enriched by a diverse professional background across various environments, including outpatient, inpatient, the military and veteran community, and special education in public schools. I have learned to understand the unique needs each individual brings. My approach is a blend of tailored techniques, recognizing the distinct nature of every person. I hold graduate degrees in both counseling and special education, with specialized training and endorsement in behavioral disorders.

My mission is to provide you with valuable insights and practical tools to break free from limitations. Your well-being is my top priority. Together, we'll create a supportive space to identify and conquer any obstacles holding you back. In our sessions, I customize my approach to address your specific concerns, ensuring we make meaningful progress. My therapeutic approach is grounded in a versatile blend of evidence-based modalities, offering a tailored experience for each client. I integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to address thought patterns, Psychodynamic techniques to explore underlying emotions, and a client-centered focus that honors your unique journey.  Additionally, my eclectic approach draws on diverse methods honed over my extensive career.  As a licensed professional counselor with a background in education and a commitment to understanding the intricacies of various environments, I am dedicated to guiding you through a therapeutic journey that encompasses the richness of your individual experiences. Together, we'll navigate the challenges and cultivate positive change using a multifaceted and personalized approach to promote lasting well-being. 

I specialize in aiding with life transitions, resolving family conflicts, navigating marital challenges, and overcoming anxiety and depression. I work with individuals of all ages, from children and adolescents to adults, using a comprehensive assessment process to develop effective treatment plans.

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